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Ideas on What to Wear to a Fall Photoshoot

It's What to Wear Wednesday... whoop whoop!!

To help clients with all of their wardrobe questions, I thought it might be helpful to write a little blog post for assistance.

Tip #1: Don't be overly "matchy." No, you don't ALL need to wear white shirts and khakis...that can be boring. Its best to pick a color scheme and go from there. Neutrals will always work nicely, and if you decide to hang your portraits up in your home, neutrals will match most decor. Your home decoration is something to consider. But don't be scared of color if you want a little more pizazz! Yellows, rusty orange, browns, reds, can all look fabulous for fall photo shoots.

Tip #2: Start with Mom. I recommend Mom pick out her outfit first and the rest of the family coordinate with her. If mom is happy, everybody will be happy!

Tip #3: Avoid crazy & bright patterns, clothes with large logos or graphics, and wearing non-coordinating & mismatched colors. It just won't look good in photos. Your clothes should be TIMELESS, you don't want to look at your photos 20 years from now and think "Why on earth did I wear that?!" (ahem, I'm talking to you, the 80's!)

Tip #3: Mix it up! Add personality to your outfits. Add jewelry, scarfs, hats, jackets and anything you think is "you', cute, or adds to the festivity of the season!

Below are some more photo ideas for your fall photo sessions. You can also check out my Pinterest account for more suggestions here: Heart & Design on Pinterest.

And if a Book your session now with Heart & Design Studios and I can help you personalize a look that is perfect!

I love this color scheme. Nice dark reds, and blues, but still manages to look neutral. A good way to add color, but not too much!

Perfect for fall, beautiful dark rusty oranges, reds, and browns. Great for those fall photos!

Neutrals with some splashes of color! Slip in some purples, and pinks, but everyone's outfits coordinate nicely so it still manages to blend and look cohesive.

You can't go wrong with neutrals. Timeless, and classy. Accessories can add personality.

Nice colors for fall, coordinated nicely with the rest of the family. Some prints, but not too crazy. Accessories add personality, and make it festive for the season. Love, love, love!

Adding in some red makes it festive for Christmas, if you want to use your photos for holiday cards!

I hope some of this has helped. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if your interested in booking a photo session.

Happy Wednesday!


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